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How to create your own VPN?

VPNWholesaler allows you to create or integrate a top-of-the-class VPN service in a number of ways:

  • VPNGN White-Labelled app - Using our VPNGN platform, you can create your own VPN brand within a couple of minutes. Your VPN brand will be powered by our powerful VPNGN apps, supporting all major devices and operating systems.

  • VPNGN In-app SDK - You can integrate VPNGN into your very own app in less than an hour. This is useful in case that you would like to have your own app rather than relying on our VPNGN app entries. For example, if you want to create an iOS app and integrate a paywall and In-App Purchases.

  • VPNWholesaler Custom SDK - Allows you to fully customize our VPN SDK for your needs, and integrate it to your app(s). Development time on your end would be significantly higher compared to other options.

  • VPNWholesaler White-Label - This option is open only to selected partners who proved that they can drive a good amount of daily sales and rebills. In this route, all the heavy lifting is done on our end, as we create branded VPN apps and customized back-end for the partner. Please note that an upfront payment of $10,000 is required for this option.