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VPNGN White Label apps

Using the VPNGN Platform White Label apps, you can launch your VPN brand quickly using's preexisting apps for all major platforms and without any upfront development fees.

Apple and Google approval process

Apple and Google are very strict nowadays about similar functionality apps on the App Store and Play Store. The VPNGN app entries ensure that you can get a fully featured VPN service up and running in less than an hour - instead of waiting weeks for app approval.


Head to the VPNGN Downloads section in order to retrieve Public Links for the apps. Those links can be shared with the public once your account is in production mode.

VPNGN Public Download Entries


You can auto-login the end-user by passing a Short Token argument in the Downloadable URL.

For example, https://{vpn_brand}

VPNGN Short Token

Manual login

In case that deep-linking was not used during the download process or token has expired, users can use their current Short Token or Password in order to login to the app.

Seamless experience

Partners can choose to reduce the end-user's exposure to the VPNGN platform name in a number of ways:

  • Windows - Wrap the VPNGN installer inside your own installer, and use the /S command line argument to install it silently. For example:
.\vpngn_brand.exe /S
  • macOS - Wrap the VPNGN installer inside your own installer or image, and use the following script command to install it silently:
sudo installer -store -pkg "./vpngn_brand.pkg" -target /
  • iOS and Android - Integrate the in-app VPNGN SDK to your own iOS or Android apps with only a few lines of code.

  • CRM Portal - Can be set under your own subdomain by specifying a custom portal hostname (CNAME) at

  • Emails - Normally emails are sent from the domain. Please contact us to whitelist your domain name and use it to send emails to your end-users.