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WHMCS Integration


  1. Download the WHMCS module from the Downloads section (

  2. Extract the ZIP to {WHMCS_Directory}/modules/servers

    NOTE: {WHMCS_Directory}/modules/servers/VPNGN/ directory will be created.

  3. Head to https://{WHMCS_URL}/admin/configproducts.php?action=create to create a new VPN product. Set the Product Type to Other and the Module to VPNGN. Press on Continue.

WHMCS Create a New Product

  1. Head to the new Product's Module Tab and ensure that the Module Name is indeed set to VPNGN.

WHMCS Module tab

  1. Copy your API base domain, Account Management API Key and Server-side Authentication Key from the VPNGN SaaS interface to WHMCS.

  2. Choose 'Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received' and press on Save Changes.

  3. Head to the new Product's Pricing Tab and change Payment Type to 'Recurring'. Set plans length and pricing based on your business requirements, and ensure that 'Allow Multiple Quantities' is set to 'No'.

WHMCS Pricing tab


  1. Once integration is successfully completed, visitors would be able to order the new VPN product from your WHMCS Store


  1. Once the product is ordered and activated, the end-user can access the VPN credentials and builds from the WHMCS My Services menu.

WHMCS Client view