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Getting Started

Signing up​

If you do not already have a account, then your first step is to register a new account at

Waiting for approval​

Once you submit all the required information, your account will be Pending for approval by staff. We might contact you with further questions about your business plan prior to approval.

Please feel free to email us in case that you do not hear back from us within 48 hours from account creation.

API and Credentials​

Once approved, your first step is to get familiar with API.

The API allows you to connect your back-end with our service and manage all aspects of user accounts - creation, cancellation, upgrading, etc.

For low-scale or testing purposes only

For low-scale usage (e.g. internal testing or a low volume VPN brand), you can manually use the portal rather than the API.

The API and Credentials page also allows your to whitelist your server's IP addresses (please refer to the Account Management API page for more information).

A word about whitelisted IP addresses

You must ensure that no one else has a permission to send requests from the whitelisted IP addresses that you specify. In other words, you should not try to whitelist an IP address if you are using a shared-hosting service of any sort (e.g. Wix), unless you have a dedicated IP address(es).

VPNGN UI Design​

Use this section to customize your VPNGN app or in-app SDK (does not apply to non-VPNGN SDKs):

  1. Launch the UI Editor to customized your VPNGN powered brand design

  2. Upload your product icon

  3. Set outbound links from your VPNGN powered app to important web pages:

    Help link - A link to your helpdesk, in case that user requires support

    Signup link - Your purchase page

    Privacy link - Your Privacy Policy page

    Terms link - Your Terms and Conditions page

    Home link - The product's homepage

    Evaluate link - Your public feedback page

    Internal feedback link - Your internal feedback page

    FB Share link - Allows users to share the specified URL on Facebook and help promote your brand

    Twitter Share link - Allows users to share the specified URL on Twitter and help promote your brand


This section contains:

  1. List of downloadable links that can be shared publicly. If you have already designed your VPN brand using the UI Editor, then you can now follow the provided links and test the product on your different devices.

  2. List of private downloads of SDKs that can be integrated to your app(s).

Private downloads

Private downloads should be compiled with your own app. You should NOT share the non-compiled SDK’s publicly.


Activate or disable servers. By default, all servers are enabled.

Test Account Limitation

Test accounts are limited to 5 servers.


Activate or disable VPN plans. You cannot disable plans that were already bought by your users.

Disabling plans

Please note that an enabled plan cannot be disabled in case that there are Active users that are currently subscribed to it.


List of all your users, and their status. Click on 'Create a new user' to create your first user for testing purposes.

Test Account Limitation

Test accounts are limited to 5 users.