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Obtaining Tokens


Each end-user on our platform has two types of tokens associated with their account:

  1. Long token - set to expire on the due date of the end-user's plan, or 30 days (if no active plan is present).

  2. Short token - valid for 12 hours only.


Short tokens are used for:

  1. Calling AMAPI from non-whitelisted IP addresses.

  2. Auto-login end-users to VPNGN (if short token is forwarded in the download URL).

Long token is used for a single purpose only - to allow generate Short Tokens from non-whitelisted IP addresses.

Generating Tokens

Tokens are automatically created or regenerated when you create a new user, upgrade or add a new product from the SaaS portal or by using the following AMAPI calls. The API will respond with tokens as long as you send your request from a whitelisted IP address:





Viewing Active Tokens

Currently active tokens can be viewed by clicking on any of the end-users listed in the Users page of the SaaS portal.

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